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por davidgp el 31/12/2005

La RIAA, un loby encargado de representar la industria discográfica en Estados Unidos, que últimamente se dedica a demandar a todo el mundo con pruebas muy dudosas, incluso a personas muertas y/o viejecitas que según ellos descargaban rap, con el objetivo de llegar a un acuerdo antes de ir a juicio donde el demandado les pagaba una jugosa cantidad de dinero. Ahora parece ser que para conseguir este dinero también les vale convencer a jovencitas para que den falso testimonio

This is a 15-year-old girl, telling the story of how lawyers of a major industry group told her she had to commit perjury, just so they could win their case. Some might call that racketeering, and it’s most certainly a highly illegal way to win a court case. The deposition strongly suggests that the RIAA knew they didn’t have a leg to stand on, and that they were perfectly happy to do anything in their power to win anyway. Funny how rather than open their own wallets to settle, they prefer breaking the law themselves. (Cue Radiohead’s Karma Police. On second thought, don’t. I’ll get sued for not paying license fees.)

In response, counsel for Mr. Nelson then asked Plaintiffs’ representative to provide a factual and legal basis for its position. Plaintiffs’ representative responded that ‘It didn’t matter, someone is going to be responsible and someone is going to have to pay.’ Plaintiffs’ representative further threatened that unless Mr. Nelson paid $4,000.00 immediately, his client authorized him to conduct extensive discovery which would only increase the amount that he would eventually owe.

Lo que más me gusta del artículo de Ars Technica es esta frase final

if albums sales drop a little, maybe it’s because they’re scaring away their own customers

Vía: Ars Technica.


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