Y seguimos con más buenas críticas para Serenity

por davidgp el 30/12/2005

A través de pjorge.com leo que Serenity también ha recibido buenas críticas en Filmfocus.co.uk

The little movie that could have and should have. We fussed and fretted over whether we could justify giving this the number one spot since our gushing inspired only a handful of those hard-to-please general cinemagoers to make the trip, but we reasoned it in the end with one simple thought: No other film this year managed to wholeheartedly live up to the weight of simply immense expectation quite like Serenity and then go and set the bar even higher.

Por otro lado, en Eye.net revisán el dvd y se quedan sin palabras para elogios

Anyone with a functioning set of synapses knows that Joss Whedon’s Serenity is a leaner, meaner and more emotionally involving space opera than George Lucas’ wheezy Revenge of the Sith. Now it’s time for some heresy — it’s also better than any of the Star Wars movies. Period. Whedon’s taken the clever future-western conceit and sharply sketched outlaw heroes of his short-lived TV series Firefly and plugged them into a narrative that not only offers genuine genre thrills, but also functions rather niftily as a critique of the evil, unseen forces that would subject the viewing public to a steady diet of bland, homogenized crap.

Además, y yo no sabía que estos datos existían publicamente, ya empiezan a salir las recaudaciones por alquiler de películas y Serenity en su primera semana entra en posición 25.

Y ya para terminar, ifrit me avisa a través de los comentarios que ya está en marcha el proceso de votación de: Premios de Cinema Friki 2005… ¿A qué esperáis para votar por Serenity?


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