Los compradores de música odian DRM

por davidgp el 30/11/2005

Ars Technica publica un interesante artículo sobre como recientes indicios indican que el DRM hacen perder ventas a las discográficas.

Even some in the music business see the current strategy as short-sighted. Terri McBride, president of Canadian label Nettwerk, argues that

«The average consumer who’s not tech-savvy is going to buy the CD, thinking that they can load it onto their iPod … They’re going to be royally pissed off.»

McBride then shows himself a keen student of business by adding,

«Why do you want to piss off the people who buy?»

Y también cabe destacar parte de las consecuencias del fiasco de Sony/BMG con su rootkit en sus cds de música

A Businessweek article suggests otherwise, documenting how Van Zant’s Get Right with the Man fell in Amazon’s rankings from 887 to 1392 to 25,802 to «unavailable» in less than three weeks after the rootkit was revealed. Consumers are waking up, and they don’t like what they see.

Más información en Ars Technica.


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