por davidgp el 08/11/2005

Supongo que algunos de vosotros habréis oido hablar de GmailFS, ese sistema de archivos que usa tu cuenta de Gmail como si fuese un disco duro. Pues ahora, han creado FlickrFS, para usar tu cuanta de Flickr como si fuese un disco duro

When you mount the filesystem, it will create 2 directories automatically: ‘tags’ and ‘sets’. ‘sets’ will automatically retrieve your photos (only metadata information, hence fast) and will show you all the photos available in your sets. You can then easily copy images to your hdd. And here comes the nicer part, If you want to add some more photos to these sets, just copy them to the folder, and they will be uploaded to the respective set.

‘tags’ directory allows for searching functionality. It contains 2 directories, ‘personal’, and ‘public’. To search for any tag, just create a directory inside, with separating the tags with ‘:’

     # pwd     /tmp/flickrfs/tags/public     # mkdir linux:ubuntu 

This will start searching for photos available in public domain matching these 2 tags, and will provide a list of all these photos. And all this will happen in background, with the help of threads, so dun have to sit and watch while results come.

Now, if you want to upload your photo with tags ‘opensource’, ‘party’, ‘sfd’, then just do this. In either tags/personal, or tags/public, create a directory

     #mkdir "opensource:party:sfd" 

and then just copy over the images to this directory, they will automatically be uploaded with these tags. And ya! An additional tag ‘flickrfs’ ;).

Vía: Boing Boing.


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