Dos de Serenity

por davidgp el 31/10/2005

Por un lado leo en Weblog oficial de la película Serenity que Firefly y Serenity han sido escogidas primeras por los lectores de New Scientis Space en una lista de mejores películas y series de ciencia ficción.

Por otro lado, TrekWeb leo que Joss Whedon define a Serenity como un hijo de Star Trek que se revela contra su padre:

Q : When FIREFLY was getting ready to debut,you had talked about this being the anti-STAR TREK. I just find it amusing that in a sense STAR TREK has faded away, yet the grittier, more realistic BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and FIREFLY are now living on.

Whedon : There’s always the young punk rebelling against his father.I’m rebelling against Han Solo, but if you are going to tell me that Han Solo isn´t the father of Malcolm Reynolds, then I am going to laugh and laugh and laugh. A lot of people liked the first STAR TREK when they were really finding their way, and James Kirk was about taking the time to take his shirt off and getting it done. Kirk was also, I would say, Malcolm’s weird uncle. And both of those franchises became more and more sterile, and less kind off down and dirt. I was rebelling against that kind of TV and science-fiction. At the same time, I owe both of those franchises a huge debt. They are both in my personal, how can they not be ?It’s that classic thing : I’m rebelling against my father and doing everything he doesn’t do, but I think I look like him.

Entrevista completa: en el último número de Cinefantastique


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