Artículo sobre Firefly/Serenity en el San Francisco Chronicle

por davidgp el 10/06/2005

En el periódico americano: San Francisco Chronicle publican un artículo dedicado a los fans de la película más esperada de este año (por mucho de que algunos no quieran reconocerlo): Serenity. En el comentan las esceneas vívidas durante el preestreno de la misma película en el San Francisco’s Van Ness 1000 Theater. Algunos comentarios:

…After the screening sold out, some fans bought scalped tickets for more than $100 on eBay; others camped out in the lobby and hoped for a miracle.

When “Firefly” was canceled, fans — dubbed Browncoats in honor of the doomed-but-noble Independents — campaigned to have it moved to another network. True to Browncoat tradition, they failed — but their efforts convinced Fox to release the show as a DVD set that included three unaired episodes and behind-the-scenes extras. The DVD quickly sold more than 200,000 copies. Impressed, Universal Pictures climbed onboard, enabling Whedon to make “Serenity” (due out Sept. 30), which picks up where the series left off.

“Serenity’s” existence is a testimonial to the tenacity of fans and the power of the Internet, where Browncoats have spent the past three years inspiring converts, drafting petitions and even kibitzing with the “Firefly” cast on bulletin boards.

With the “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” franchises finally ending, hopes are high that homeless science-fiction buffs will find their way to the “Firefly” universe — nudged, perhaps, by some online fan-to-fan marketing.

Vía: Firefly Fans.


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