Mac OS X, el sistema más fácil de usar…

por davidgp el 15/03/2005

… o eso pensaba yo hasta que he leído esto para cuando se te atasca un CD/DVD en la unidad de CD/DVD:

What are the other options? Five are listed below, and I highly recommend that you try them in the order presented.

1. Boot your computer while holding the mouse button.

2. Restart into Open Firmware by holding command-option-O-F and enter eject-cd.

3. Open the Terminal and enter drutil tray eject.

4. If #3 doesn’t work, you probably have more than one removable device connected. Enter drutil list to see a list of the connected removable devices. Find your CD in the list. Assuming that your CD is #5, enter drutil tray eject 5.

5. If the above options fail, you’ll have to take an unfolded paper clip to that little round hole on your CD drive. Insert the paper clip, and press gently until the CD ejects. If you can’t find your drive’s eject hole, you may want to look through Apple’s Knowledge Base.

Y yo digo, ¿no sería más fácil que incluyesen el botón de explusar como toda unidad de CD?, aunque eso le de un look menos bonito…



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