Hoy comienza Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, la crítica no podía ser mejor

por davidgp el 15/07/2008

Vale, lo reconozco, me estoy pasando mucho con una miniserie que todavía no he visto ni un solo minuto de la misma. Pero es que necesito mi dosis de algo nuevo de Joss Whedon, y Dollhouse no empieza hasta el año que viene.

Dr. Horrible\'s Sing-Along Blog

Pues a lo que iba, montones de entrevistas y críticas sobre la serie circulan por internet. Como esta de Gawker

Q. Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris in an Internet musical in which the lovable loser baddy is kind of the good guy, and the good guy is kind of a dick—and it’s a musical?! Um, how? Wha? How on earth did this develop?

A. Who is to say who is the villain and who is the hero? Probably the dictionary. But I know that people who grow up identifying with outsiders are the people I are. Plus singing is the universal language, along with being on fire.

O esta otra de IFMagazine

“The basic plotline is that it’s about this wannabe mad scientist character [Harris], and he’s really just a lovable guy who is in love with the Penny [Day] character, and it’s about him wanting to do more and be more and change the world, but of course, you get Joss’ great spin on things, where he’s actually trying to get into this Evil League and then there’s a hero [Fillion] who everyone loves who …” Boretz hesitates on the description. “He always reminds me of Gaston from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.”

También esta la de Dreamwatch

Joss Whedon says Dr. Horrible’s budget is “in the low six figures.” Though many favours were called in, Whedon adds that there was no financial corner-cutting in trying to get around the various unions that represent him, his fellow writers, the actors and the technicians. As a supporter of the WGA strike, Whedon stresses that he felt it was particularly important to follow union rules. “You don’t make a statement about what we [in the film and television business] have to do as a community by screwing people over.”

It wasn’t hard for Whedon to persuade the actors to sign on. “Any time Joss calls you, it’s going to be something cool,” says Fillion.

O la crítica de E!

I know. It’s not much of a tease, but you’d be tight-lipped too if you’d been at last night’s premiere screening for the cast and crew, where Joss asked us reporter types to defy our natural busybody tendencies and help protect the story of the show. (Seriously, can anyone say no to Joss?)

So what I can tell you is that Dr. Horrible is an hour-and-fifteen-minute-long show shot specifically for the Web, and it will make you want to jump through the screen and hand Neil, Joss and Nathan a lifetime supply of Emmys, Webbies, Grammys or whatever it is you give to guys who like to sing about being superheroes and supervillains. I totally loved it.

Recordar, hoy ya podéis ver el primer capítulo en drhorrible.com. Estarán disponibles de forma gratuita hasta el día 20.

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Lolo 16/07/2008 a las 1:04 pm

Pues ya estoy tardando en poner las reglas correspondientes al gestor de feeds de azureus 😀

David García Pérez 17/07/2008 a las 6:26 pm

Sí, supongo que por ahí también andarán 😉

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