¿De donde surgió la idea de Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog?

por davidgp el 11/07/2008

Pues el propio Joss Whedon lo cuenta en una entrevista

Prodigeek – How did you kind of come to this idea of an internet musical about a superhero?

Whedon – I had come up with the concept and the title originally as an audio podcast. I wanted to write a song. I was tired of not writing songs and I wanted a structure to write from. And I though this guy would have a blog and sing about what’s going on with him. It would be a fun thing to do. Then, during the strike, when everyone was looking to create internet content, I thought of it as a limited series. Then when I decided to do it myself, I thought of it as an even more limited series. It played itself out pretty simply. I brought writers in; we knew from the start exactly what we wanted to do. I had written the songs for it a while ago. The first song was called “My Freeze Ray.” I played that for the other writers. We got sort of an idea of sound, and then we started breaking a story. We broke it into three acts, a mini-series event, and then hopefully to make it a downloadable commodity. In addition to creating something out of love of musicals and love of the fans, I also wanted to create something where we could make money doing our own thing, outside the system. I also want to, in a perfect dream world, pay my crew.

El martes comienza a emitirse en internet, aquí tenéis el trailer para refrescar la memoria

Teaser from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on Vimeo.

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