¿Cómo sería 24 bajo otros guionistas?

por davidgp el 16/02/2008

En Television Without Pity especulan de como sería la serie de televisión 24 si fuese llevada por otros famosos creadores de programas de televisión. Me han hecho especialmente gracia los siguientes

Mark Burnett
The creator of Survivor makes a surprisingly easy shift to scripted TV, thanks to 24’s preexisting habit of eliminating a different character every week.

J. Michael Straczynski
The creator of Babylon 5 seems to be the answer to the prayers of longtime 24 fans who have been complaining about the lack of story planning throughout the seasons. Unfortunately, the show is canceled before the resolution of his epic five-day, five-season plot arc, and the two-hour TV movies «Day 11» and «Day 12» garner disappointing ratings.

Joss Whedon
Things go pear-shaped while Jack and Chloe are out in the field, and Chloe is forced to step up and take out an entire terrorist cell single-handedly after Jack sustains a sidelining injury. After both of them are unfairly drummed out of CTU, Jack takes it upon himself to cultivate Chloe’s secret talent, while they slowly accrue an impromptu gang of fellow war-on-terror misfits and outcasts that includes a burned MI-6 agent (Alexis Denisof), a former terrorist (Gina Torres), a disgraced cable news pundit (Nathan Fillion), and Paul Wolfowitz (Armin Shimerman). Ultimately, Chloe’s battles against the «monsters» of the modern world serve as an allegory for our everyday fights with real monsters like vampires and demons.

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