Si te sorprendió la rapidez de Harry Potter 7 en castellano, al chino fue igual de rápido

por davidgp el 31/07/2007

Ya hace unos días que circula por internet la traducción de Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows en chino. Supongo que ahora poco a poco irán cayendo cada vez más idiomas. Según el coordinador de la traducción al chino.

About 200 volunteers have contacted me [via QQ]. We had to give tests to these people. The test material came from English-language paragraphs about Harry Potter taken from overseas websites. Those paragraphs do not appear in the Harry Potter novels themselves. Afterwards, we checked the quality of the translation. We recruited two waves of people, in which about 60 people passed the test. We set up a work schedule of based upon division of labor. Basically, there are four or five people per group. The translation in each chapter has to go through translation, editing, proof-reading and final review. This is to ensure the quality of the translation.


Actually, I feel that we have very little impact on the official translation of the book. Genuine Harry Potter friends will always want to buy the official version, because the quality is better and they want to collect it. I had done a poll at the [Harry Potter 7 Bar] about how Harry Potter fans want to read [Harry Potter 7]. More than 100 persons participated, of which almost 70 want to buy the official Chinese-language translation. Only 2 persons said that they will only read the Internet translation.

Vía: O’Reilly Radar: Translating Potter.

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