#8 Lecturas Acabadas: Finding Serenity

por davidgp el 04/03/2006

Ordenando un poco los libros en mÌ casa, me he dado cuento que tengo un buen porrazo de ellos leÌdos solamente hasta la mitad, y no por que no me gustasen… b·sicamente en alg˙n momento mientras los estaba leyendo, empecÈ a dedicarle tiempo a otra cosa y se me olvidÛ que los tenÌa sin terminar, tal vez sea debido a que mezclo libros sin leer, a medio leer y leÌdos por todas las esquinas de la casa. Ahora me he puesto a terminar estas cosas que tengo a medias, b·sicamente para dar un sentido de que al menos consigo terminar algo.

“Finding Serenity” lo habÌa comenzado a leer el verano pasado, pero lo dejÈ a medias cuando me marchÈ a Italia 3 meses. Es un conjunto de relatos cortos de diversos autores sobre cosas interesantes que ellos han visto en Firefly, desde relaciones entre personajes hasta si fue buena idea lo de hacer un western espacial. Una historia que hace un crossover entre Enterprise y Firefly tiene una cita que me encantÛ

So there I was, shelving my DVDs (which with 6,432,278 can take quite a while, believe me) and a good friend of mine mentioned that I ought to leave space for Enterprise, which I thought was funny, as like all good archivists I keep things in alphabetical order.

“Can’t do that”, I said, “That would put it next to Firefly, My God, what if there was cross-contamination?”

Finding Serenity

De la contraportada

“You take people,

you put them on a journey,

you give them peril

you find out who they really are,

If there’s any kind of fiction better than that, I don’t know what it is.”

-Joss Whedon

Firefly’s early demise left fans with a deep sense of loss and plenty of unasnwered questions. From what was wrong with the pilot to what was right with the Reavers, from the use of Chinese to how correspondence between Joss and network executives might gone, from a philosopher’s perspective on “Objects in Space” to a sex therapist’s analysis of Inara. Finding Serenity is filled with writing as exciting, funny and enthralling as the show itself.

Finding Serenity Includes:

Mercedes Lackey on the nature of freedom in Firefly

Roxxanne Longstreet Conrad on how the crew of Serenity could kick the Enterprise crew’s butts any day

Leigh Adams Wright on the fate of the ‘Verse’s Chinese people

Tanya Huff on Zoe as the ultimate warrior woman

Michelle Sagara West on television finally getting marriage right

Kevin M. Sullivan’s unofficial glossary of Firefly Chinese

And Jewel Staite (“Kaylee”) offers a behind-the-scenes insider look and talks about her favorite episodes

Jane Espenson is the screenwritter for acclaimed Firefly episode “Shindig”. She was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer for five years, where her credits included “Band Candy”, “Earshot”, “Superstart” and “Conversations with Dead People”. She has also written for Angel, Deep Space Nine, Ellen, Gilmore Girls, Tru Calling and Star Trek. Currently, Espenson has a development deal with 20th Century Fox Productions, allowing her to write pilots and desing a show of her own. She lives in Los Angeles


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