Dark Horse habla sobre Serenity

por davidgp el 24/01/2006

La editorial de cómics Dark Horse ha hablado sobre Serenity. En una entrevista realizada a NewsaRama, Scott Allie de Dark Horse, comentá que no se esperaban el éxito que tuvo los cómics de Serenity, que sabían que iban a vender bien, pero no tanto.

NRAMA: In your eyes, what book (or books) proved to be the biggest surprise success of ’05? Conversely, what book(s) do you feel might have slipped through the cracks and were/are deserving of a little extra attention?

SA: Serenity did better than we imagined. We knew it would do well, but we weren’t prepared for that level of success, reprinting the first issue twice within a month… and it just kept going. I kind of look at Revelations as the book people missed. It sold well for us, but I thought that thing would go through the roof like Hellboy. Incredible story, incredible creative team who’ve had tons of success in the mainstream. I think a lot of people missed out on a great story, and Humberto’s greatest art job to date.

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