Preparando Harry Potter 7

por davidgp el 28/12/2005

La autora de la saga Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling ha anunciado en su página web que a principios del año que viene se va a poner a trabajar en la última entrega de Harry Potter y así cerrar la historia (este año se ha publicado el penúltimo libro de la saga: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)

For 2006 will be the year when I write the final book in the Harry Potter series,” she says. “I contemplate the task with mingled feelings of excitement and dread, because I can’t wait to get started, to tell the final part of the story and, at last, to answer all the questions (will I ever answer all of the questions? Let’s aim for most of the questions); and yet it will all be over at last and I can’t quite imagine life without Harry.

I have been fine-tuning the fine-tuned plan of seven during the past few weeks so that I can really set to work in January. Reading through the plan is like contemplating the map of an unknown country in which I will soon find myself. Sometimes, even at this stage, you can see trouble looming; nearly all of the six published books have had Chapters of Doom. The quintessential, never, I hope, to be beaten Chapter That Nearly Broke My Will To Go On was chapter nine, ‘Goblet of Fire’ (appropriately enough, ‘The Dark Mark’.)

Supongo que si lo finaliza durante el año próximo, en el 2007 sabremos el final de la historia.

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