DRM contra las discográficas

por davidgp el 11/10/2005

Tim Lee ha escrito un artículo sobre las razones por las cuales el DRM es perjudicial para las propias discográficas, centrándolo en la próxima negociación con Apple para el año que viene para vender canciones en la tienda iTunes:

As Apple’s share of the overall music market grows, it will be more and more difficult for you to walk away from the table during contract negotiations. Jobs will hold all the cards, because his customers–who form an ever-growing share of the music market–will be locked into his products. Like Bill Gates in the PC world, Steve Jobs will become the gatekeeper to tens of millions of music fans, and you will have to pay his price for admission.

How does ditching DRM help? If Apple’s songs were distributed without copy protection, your customers would be able to switch to another program at any time. You could threaten to cut a deal with any of the other companies now clamoring for your business–Real, Napster, Sony, Microsoft, etc–and Jobs would know that his customers had the option of leaving his platform.

Vía: Boing Boing.


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