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por davidgp el 11/04/2005

…para conmemorar el final de Star Trek: Enterprise, la quinta serie de la saga Star Trek. De Star Trek: Enterprise actualmente se esta emitiendo su cuarta temporada, cuando esta finalize el próximo mes de mayo, será la primera vez desde el año 1987 que no se este produciendo una serie de Star Trek.

Portadas de TV Guide para conmemorar el final de Star Trek Enterprise

TV Guide presenta cuatro portadas distintas, donde en un primer plano sale uno de los protagonistas de la serie, con su “equivalente” de series anteriores. Por otro lado, la revista también incluye una entrevista con Jonathan Frakes (William T. Riker, Número Uno en Star Trek: The Next Generation) y Marina Sirtis (Consejera Troi en Star Trek: The Next Generation), los cuales aparecerán como actores invitados en el último capítulo de la serie, un trozo de la entrevista:

Sirtis: They wouldn’t give me the whole script because they thought I’d post it on the Internet. Rick Berman just told me the idea. He didn’t even tell me Jonathan was in it.

Frakes: Really? That’s the first thing Rick said to me. “It’s going to be you and Marina…is that OK?”

Sirtis: You mean I’m here with your permission? I guess Patrick Stewart was too busy…[Laughs] I get no respect around here, and with good reason. When Rick called to offer me the job, he didn’t tell me it was a secret, so the first thing I did was post the news on my website. When I got home that day, my phone was red with all the messages from people at Paramount screaming, “What the hell are you doing?!” I’m like, why didn’t you tell me it was a secret? I blabbed when Brent agreed to do his three-parter on ENTERPRISE. It’s not like I’m some new actress they’ve never met before. They know that I’m “The Mouth”.

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